Vision & Mission

Make inclusion and access for all persons a basic human right throughout the world and facilitate and encourage efforts, programs, initiatives and innovations that close that gap.


There are more than two billion persons in the world to whom access and inclusion is denied, whether it be in the workplace, financial institutions, entrepreneurial assistance and many other taken-for-granted social structures. X-abled aims to reduce and eradicate these obstacles and energize a resource society has long marginalized.

Using vehicles enacted by the UN’s SDG goals, governmental ESG frameworks and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), X-abled seeks to defragment a fragmented network into a cohesive and value-added community which can uphold and implement laws, accessibility and inclusion at all levels of society.

X-abled will finance through joint-ventures, grants, direct investments and a membership-driven platform to lend monetary structure and transparent intention to an overall push to include one of societies un-tapped and un-resolved social strata.

For governments, institutions and corporations, X-abled is a go-to solution for workplace equality, inclusion, happiness and well-being in a climate of cooperation and impactful purpose. Embrace the whole of society for the betterment of all.