Plankton Whale was conceived as a union of cutting edge programming and fantastic design. We work on our own products, client projects and sometimes join with clients as partners. Our focus is on mobile applications but we came from years of designing web sites and creating display advertising and continue to do both with great facility. Our team is small but efficient and hard-working, give us a call. Welcome!

Jose Llorente Ramos


Jose is owner of GET Pericial and Centro D Negocios D Galicia. Based upon those successes and an interest in larger horizons, Jose stumbled upon John and Martin and immediately seeing the potential, threw himself into developing the strategic plan for Plankton Whale in Spain and Europe.

John Weeden

Creative Director

John has worked in digital media since 1995 as online media designer, art director and user experience designer. Beginning with seven years at Microsoft as an independent contractor, John has had long relationships with, Cingular, AT&T, and a number of other Silicon Valley and Seattle area companies through his company Weeden Design. He founded Plankton Whale with a belief that the future is mobile and that there are incredible market opportunities beyond Facebook and Google.

Martin Penabad

Development Director

Martin is a fullstack software developer with some years of law school thrown in. He has worked on complex projects with the Spanish government's tax division, employment division, energy companies and hospitals in roles spanning data management, systems integration and front-end development. His curiosity is insatiable and his broad understanding of technological necessities has been key in innovating our software and finding and hiring our tech team. Martin is a co-founder with John Weeden and Mary Frances.

Mary Frances Feider

Marketing Director

Mary Frances is an entrepreneur and tech industry marketing professional with extensive experience including nine years at Microsoft and numerous positions at major tech companies in the last couple decades. Currently she is a principal at Audienz LLC driving marketing efforts for clients that include Microsoft and AWS and is an advisor to Wormser Energy Solutions, working to save the world. Her results driven career has included planning and launching new products, driving cost effective sales and customer acquisition, and managing diverse teams both big and small of designers, writers, developers, marketers, and more.

Andreu Botella

Software Engineer

Andreu is specialized in javascript and back-end web development. His knowledge of web technologies has been key to applying the latest trends and best practices of the W3C to our web presence.

Ángel López

Software Engineer

Ángel has extensive experience in Android and iOS native mobile development. He has been instrumental in finding innovative solutions to the myriad of challenges in contemporary mobile development.

Bea Viscaino


Bea assists us in all forms of translation to Spanish and Galician both in product content and business marketing materials. She also provides original writing in areas such as blogs, Instagram and correspondence.

Pablo Rego

Web Developer

Pablo helps us with web development. His skill set spans from front-end development to creating and managing databases for web applications.